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Eye Health

Having regular eye examinations is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Normally an eye examination is recommended every two years, but it can be sooner if required. A regular eye examination can help with the early detection of some diseases like hypertension and diabetes. At Opticare Eyecare Specialists, we carry out all the necessary tests to ensure the eyes are healthy as well as checking for any visual defects. Listed below are a few common terms used by opticians and what they really mean.

Myopia - This is also known as short sightedness. This is where a person is able to see better up close than they are able to see further away. A myopic person is someone whose eye is a little too long. Glasses are usually required to restore good vision.

Hyperopia -This is also known as long sightedness. This is where a person is able to see better further away than they are able to see up close. A hyperopic person is someone whose eye is a little too small. Glasses are sometimes required to restore good vision.

Astigmatism - This is when the eye is rugby ball shaped. This is very common and is usually corrected with glasses.

Presbyopia - As the eye ages, the natural lens within the eye becomes harder. To see up close, this lens needs to change shape but in the presbyopic eye this lens is unable to flex sufficiently. A separate prescription is required for near vision tasks. This can be corrected by single vision, bifocal or varifocal glasses.

Cataracts - This is a clouding of the crystalline lens within the eye. Cataracts usually occur in older people but they can affect a person at any age. They are treated by a simple operation and usually only reading glasses are required afterwards.

Glaucoma - This is where the nerve leaving the eye to the brain becomes damaged. This can cause a greater amount of visual loss if it is not treated. To treat glaucoma, drops are most commonly used. An eye examination can detect whether any further investigation is required by a specialist ophthalmologist.

Macula Degeneration - This is a simple wearing on the tissues at the back of the eye and most commonly occurs in older people. This can cause visual disturbances in the centre of the visual field and if left undiagnosed it can lead to blindness. A simple eye examination can detect the early signs and where appropriate you can be referred to a specialist in this field